Spread The Word


As a small business, word of mouth and referrals from our members is the most valuable advertising we have! If you’re enjoying our program and feel that more people in your life could benefit by joining, please consider recommending us or have them set up their intro. They will receive 3 free classes so there is nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Another easy way to get Geaux CrossFit in front of the eyes of your peers, is to log in on Facebook and invite all of your friends to like our page! It’s really simple and you can customize a message so they know it’s not spam.

Don’t know what to say? How about something like this:

Geaux CrossFit has really put me in the right direction with my health and I wanted to share it with all of you. If you shoot them a message, they will give you 3 free classes!

To invite all of your friends on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook and go to our page

  2. Scroll down the right side of the page to the community block

  3. Select Invite Friends

  4. Copy paste message or write your own

  5. Hit select all

  6. Submit

It’s super simple but makes all the difference for us little business people. Baton Rouge is saturated with gyms but not all are created equal. We know that you get what you pay for at Geaux and much more. Help us impact more lives by doing this small gesture.

We appreciate you!

Workout of the Day

A.) 15 Minutes For Quality:

10-12/s ½ Kneeling DB Chop

10-12 Barbell sit Ups (30x1)

30-40” SA Plank Hold on the Rings

B.) 3 min AMRAP X 4, Rest 2

Run 1 lap

AMRAP Burpees