You Don't Have To Be Good


Not too long ago I wrote a post titled, Stop Explaining Yourself, where I gave a little advice to write your goals on a sticky note and put them somewhere where you will be reminded often.

Later that day I received a message from a member with a picture of their sticky note. It read..

You don’t have to be good at something for it to be good for you.

What a great reminder! How many times do we get flustered when we have to struggle because things don’t come easy for us or we belittle our abilities because it’s not close to what others are doing?

I admit, especially when I first started CrossFit, I spent most of my time feeling impatient because I wanted to be the best and I wanted it NOW. Fast forward nearly 9 years later, and I’m still not the best but damn I feel healthy!

Y’all. We don’t have to be the best at this stuff but we do have to be healthy. Every time you show up, you’re improving your health. We focus on functional fitness here, not sport. Sure, we throw in some fancy movements here and there because we do have people that can do them but don’t get caught up in that. Think about you and you alone. What can you do today that makes you better? If every day you made yourself focus on that mantra, you will be surprised at how capable your body becomes. We are in it for the long haul. This isn’t to get summer time fine even though we joke about it. This is about fighting off decrepitude and preparing for the curve ball that life will throw us inevitably.

Hang in there. We believe in you.

You’re doing great.

Workout of the Day

A.) Bench Press 3x3 Across

B.) 4 Sets For Quality:

12 Glute Bridge Pronated Floor Press

-12 Wall Press Dead Bugs

12/s Side Plank Rotations 

*ADV. Feet in rings*


1 Power Snatch + 3 OHS X 5 (Build)

3 Position Squat Snatch x 5 (ATK, BTK, Floor)