Deadlifts Are Not Scary


If lifting heavy isn’t your thing, that’s ok! We can choose lighter loads and slow down the movement which is super effective! Deadlifts are great for you when done appropriately. Lifting safely requires you to focus 100% of your effort on your form. We are training for day to day life, not the Olympics.

We understand many of you have suffered from lower back pain due to life in general. Avoiding lower back exercises is not the answer to your problems. Choosing to avoid those movements will actually make it worse.

The real solution is to strengthen your core and lift light to moderate loads with slow and controlled form. The amount of weight you use is relative to you, not all men and not all women. We are each unique in our abilities therefore we can not be compared to others.

Stay in your lane. Do what’s best for you. Show up for this class!

Workout of the Day

Deadlift 5 x 5 Across

Don’t skip this!!!*