19.2 Announced Tonight


19.2 will be announced tonight at 7PM! What do you think is in store for this week’s challenge? This is our guess:

It’s going to be 2 parts. A short metcon followed by a max lift. It will be 12 minutes long, and remaining time will be used for the max lift. Movements will be OHS, Burpees, Toes to bar and the max lift will be a snatch.

Hopefully we are SUPER WRONG. Give us your best guess! The person who wins will get a little prize (if anyone wins).


Workout of the Day

A) Around the World x 20 minutes

Min 1 -Row

Min 2- PVC Step Overs

Min 3- Thoracic Bridge

Min 4- Hollow Rocks

B.) Rom Wod


Snatch 5 x 1.1.1 (Increasing weight)

Squat Clean 5 x 1.1.1 (increasing weight)