Summertime Slump


July is the time where people start to put their fitness goals on the back burner.  The kids are out for summer, it's hot, and vacations/sporting events happen all the time. Does this mean you need to skip out on the gym? 


This is the part where you practice discipline. Sure, you may not be able to hit your usual routine and maybe you can't come 4 to 5 days of of the week, but can you come two times? Can you come before work? After work? Can you still eat healthy?


Don't let a change up in schedule mess with the healthy habits you have created. Instead, focus on a new goal of 2-3 times a week and do what you can, when you can.  You'll be happy you stuck with it rather than coming back in a month or 2 and feeling like you have to start over. TRUST US! It's not about being perfect, it's about being consistent. KEEP WORKING!


Workout of the Day

3 Minute AMRAP X 4, Rest 2 minutes

500m Row

AMRAP Double Unders

*400M If you 500m row sprint is 2:00 or longer.