Woman Crush Wednesday: Diane


Boy oh boy! It's time to do "Diane"! Part of me thinks Greg Glassman named these workouts after females for the funny one liners that catch other people off guard. By other people, we mean NON CrossFitting folks. 

::PJ walks into the break room for a cup of coffee and sees his co worker, John::

John welcomes PJ with a chipper tone in his voice, "Good Morning, PJ! How's your day going so far?

PJ grumbles, "Yeah, man it's good. Just a little tired. I murdered Diane around 6am this morning and I'm still feeling a little beat up."

John takes a gulp of his coffee, his eye's open with surprise, "Oh ok, man. Hope it gets better!" John sprints out of the room to his office and locks the door....

PJ, looking confused, pulls out a chair, has a seat, and drinks his coffee. 

See what we're talking about?! It gets weird. Lucky for us we all know what's up when we say we murdered Diane. That's exactly what we're going to do today! 

Pick a weight that you can do at least 30-40 reps unbroken with. That means LIGHT WEIGHT. If you have your HSPU down, make sure you avoid going to failure. It will catch up with you in the end. Practice quick reps with short breaks. If you are a ninja, LET ER' RIP!!!! 

We will use a variation of scales for HSPU. 

Workout of the Day

A. 3 rounds for quality

20 Glute bridges

10/s RB Single leg RDL and row

10/s Clamshells

B. Every 3:00  X 5 (15:00)

2 Deadlifts  (climbing)



Deadlifts (225/155)

Handstand Pushups