Winning The Weekend


Real talk, Y’all. Week days for the most part are easy. The weekends are a different beast to tackle. Your routine is different. There is a lot more freedom but in reality it’s our perception of what the weekend is and the habits that follow that make it hard. Most people feel like this on Friday:

You’ve put up with people all week, deadlines, meetings, time away from home, but now its quittin’ time and you’ve got the windows down, radio blasting, because its the GD weekend and you’re ready to chill!

But you’re on an 8 week challenge….. WOMP WOMP WOMPPPPPPPPPPP…..

So what do you do? Well for one, you need to be prepared! Get in that kitchen and plan out your meals. Get everything in order for the following week. This will make you feel really good on Monday.

Secondly, get active! This doesn’t mean you have to go hiking or do a sports activity. We understand, IT’S HOT! What about a fun board game or tackling a project you’ve been meaning to get around to?


Don’t get bored. That’s the rule. When you get bored, the old demons come out and start whispering naughty things in your ear. If you’re not strong enough to swat them away or if the 3 angels on your shoulder that look really similar to El, Johnny and myself don’t scream loud enough, you might find yourself at superior grill or with your hand in the kid’s cookie jar.

For the record, we have megaphones and we’re screaming pretty loud. So, it’s all on you.

Don’t fail this weekend. The pressure is on.

Advanced group- Weigh in is Sunday 1st thing!

Workout of the Day


20 minute AMRAP


10 Pistols 

15 Pull Ups 



20 Minute AMRAP 

5 Pull Ups 

10 Push Ups 

15 Air Squats