Winning The Race


Yesterday, we mentioned becoming who you want to be. The majority of you assumed we were solely speaking on fitness goals. The reality is this applies to the biggest picture. WHO YOU ARE.

What characteristics do you love about yourself? Write them down.  

What characteristics do you want to change about yourself? Are you always 5 minutes late? Do you always feel attacked? Are you insecure? Are you self deprecating? Are you trustworthy? Write them down. 

These are not permanent traits that you have to hold on to. You can change these things and they will improve your overall quality of life.  

Our advice is to change the conversation you are having with yourself. When negative thoughts surface in your mind, change the tone of the conversation.  

Change “I really hate the way this shirt looks on me” to “Damn, I look good in this shirt!”  You may not believe yourself at first but over time, those negative thoughts will be few and far between or you’ll have them and simply care less.

Another tip is to to assume the best in people. Don’t over analyze what people are saying.   Words only carry the value you give them.  Don’t give them more power than they deserve. Care less. 

You can read all the self help books you want. It only works if you’re applying the things you learn and making strides to improve your daily life.  

Lift one another up this week and put in to motion the changes you want to make.  



Workout of the Day  

5 Rounds:

25 Wall Balls (20/14)

25 Pull Ups