Why Row?



You probably looked at today's workout and rolled your eyes so hard they almost got stuck. Well pop those babies back in focus and learn a thing or 2 on why you need to show up on rowing days!

First, let's talk about why you joined: to get healthier, have an active lifestyle, look good naked, lose weight, meet people, [insert your reason here].

The rowing machine accomplishes all of the above. 

Rowing improves your metabolic conditioning! In short, this means you can breathe better while moving faster. In addition to your conditioning, it also improves your muscle endurance. The rower uses a constant push and pull with applied resistance. This keeps your muscles bouncing back for more with each rep versus fatiguing rapidly. 


Ever take up running as a hobby? Every thing starts out great until your knee starts throbbing, your back is broken and you feel like your relatives may be descendants of vampires because the sun is cooking you.. 

A little dramatic, but SAME.


Rowing, however, is LOW IMPACT. So, rather than cooking in the sun and pounding the pavement, you could be gliding to and fro in the sweet comforts of the gym. This makes it a great substitute  for bum knees, broken backs, and vampires. (Disclaimer: if you're the Twilight kind of vamp and you shine like diamonds in the sun, run every chance you get!)

Showing up for today's class is going to have you feeling extra spunky for Thursday and make for a more consistent week. Another thing it's going to do is start a little socializing. There is nothing like sitting next to someone on a rower and suffering together. Think about it, you could be doing it by yourself which would not be fun! And.... if we compared it to sitting next to someone on an airplane, well we both know which one is better in that scenario! (Unless the person sitting next to you has a snack bag or small puppy.)

Well there you have it, Fam. The choice is yours. Show up and get more fit or don't and miss out on some fun with your new friends. Choose wisely, we're totally judging you :). 


Workout of the Day

500m Row Sprint Time trial

Rest at least 10 minutes

Add 5 seconds to your pace:

300m Row x 4, rest 90” between each