Where's the RX?


You may notice your workouts leaving out prescriptions (Rx) here and there. No worries, we’re not ditching it completely! We want to focus on building awareness. Often times, we get distracted by what’s expected of the workout, leaving us to do too much or too little.

In today’s class, we give you the feel of the workout. This will force you to think about you and what you can handle. Over time, as we build this awareness, you’ll have a better game plan to approach workouts and also a better understanding of your abilities!

Workout of the Day

5 Sets:

For Time:

8 Box Jump Overs

4 Hang Cleans (Moderate Weight)

12 Calorie Row

Rest 2 Minutes

*Pick a Sustainable weight that you can perform 4 quick, unbroken reps. This should feel heavier, relying on a more powerful shrug/ Pull under the bar.

*For Box jump overs, pick a height that allows you to move fast. Box jumps should be completed under 30”.

*Score is total time including rest. Also record the loan on your hang clean