What If?


I recently finished listening to “Can’t Hurt Me” and one of the questions he closes with is, “What If?”

What if you stuck to your plan? What if you came to the gym 5 days a week? What if you started incorporating more vegetables into your diet?

What a powerful question that opens the mind to opportunity! Imagine who you could be if you gave yourself the best chance at succeeding.

On the days when you’re in a funk and all you want to do is feed those negative thoughts, or comfort food, or bad habits… Ask yourself the question.

“What if I go to the gym anyway? What if I still eat a healthy meal even though I’m craving sweets? What if I don’t say that to my friend even though I’m mad? What if I actually read the blog post and sign up for class?”


All jokes aside, try it out this week and share it with me. I want to hear how you applied this to something in your life and I’ll do the same!


Workout of the Day

A.) 90M Bear crawl with Abmat

25 min AMRAP


10 DB hang Snatches right

10 FR lunges right

10 DB Snatches Left

10 FR Lunges Left

30 Second Plank on Hands

30 Second Rest


Every 90 seconds for 15 sets:  

1 Squat Clean  + 1 Hang squat clean + 1 Thruster