Wear Running Shoes


Wear your running shoes! You're probably already reading the workout and deciding that you are not going to do it. Well…. that’s… how do I say…..


The workout isn’t sexy. It’s not heavy or complicated BUT it is necessary! Running is a basic human movement that we should all strive to do. The way we run may look different and vary in pace but it is important. We will scale today so that you can partake in the workout, no matter what your fitness level is. If running is simply not an option, we will row or bike.

Show up today because you owe it to your future self.

Workout of the Day

Running Clock

00:00-Run 2 Laps

6:00- Run 2 Laps

12:00-Run 2 Laps

21:00-Run 2 Laps

27:00-Run 2 Laps

33:00-Run 2 Laps