Watch: Test Your Awareness


Over the weekend, I spent some time with Amanda Locke,  the former pitcher/first basemen of the University of Alabama’s softball team.  She helped win a 2012 College World Series title and had some of the best coaching tools available to her.

Naturally, upon meeting her, I asked her 5,000 questions about her experience as a division one athlete at a highly competitive university.  I always find it fascinating to hear their side of it because all we get to  see is the performance, the culmination of their training. Behind the scenes,  a lot more is happening and it has nothing to do with the field.  They train their mind.

I can imagine it’s hard to perform in a fish bowl.  Think about your first few workouts at GCF.  You probably felt a little gun shy. Now, imagine doing that in front of thousands of people and with commentators.  A mistake doesn’t go away. It’s looped on replay, shared on the internet, and if it’s really bad, a meme.

I’m sweating just thinking about it.

Anywho, this all lead us to the video below.  She said it does a great job putting an emphasis on the importance to paying attention to detail. Even when you think you’re paying attention, there’s always something more. It was shown to her in 2008 as a freshman and really transformed her as a player.

I found the video to be both clever and effective. Take a look for yourself!

Workout of the Day

A.) Front Squat 3 x 5 Across

B.) 12 Minute Partner WOD

10 Cal Sprint

5 Burpee BJO (20”)

12 Jumping Lunges

*You sprint a round, I sprint a round**