GCF Services


On a regular basis we talk about goals. We talk about our personal goals and also the goals of our members. We understand that you have 2 types of people in this world: The ones who want it and the ones who wish for it. Many of us wish we were more fit, stronger, skinnier, etc.

At Geaux, we have worked very hard to provide the tools necessary to achieve your goals, but tools only work if you use them. 

Think about your goals, decide that you want them, and let us help you be successful. Check out our services page and see if any of these tools will help you achieve your goals. Let's get started.

Workout of the Day

A1. Ring row Hold x 30 sec Hold; rest 30 secs

A2. Bottom of Dip x 30 sec; rest 30 secs x 3

B.) 3 sets for quality

5 (Weighted)Strict pull-ups

5 (Deficit)Strict HSPU’s

20-30 sec Hanging L -Hold

Rest 60 secs

C.) 8 min AMRAP

-10 Toes to Bar

-10 Hand Release Pushups

-20 Back Extensions

-10 Glute Bridge


2 Minute on/ 2 minutes Off x 6 (24 minutes)


Power Snatch (155/115)