Deadlift Retest


It’s Deadlift day! WHOOP WHOOP! We started the week off with a white board full of PRs and we’re looking to make that happen again!

A PR is more than just lifting more weight. It’s also how it feels when you are doing it. You may not lift more weight today, but pay attention to your positions. If you can turn a sloppy lift into a technically sound (pretty) lift, then that’s 100% a PR worth celebrating!


Workout of the Day

A.) 5 Minute AMRAP Warm Up

20 Plank Jumping Jacks

20 mountain Climbers

10 Curtsey Lunge

5 Inch Worm

B.) 3 Sets:

10/s Split Stance Adductor

30” AMRAP Banded Good Morning

30m Farmers Walk

5 -8 Heavy Suitcase DL

C.)Deadlift: build to a heavy Single