Tailgate Next Weekend 10/12


Our tailgate is one week away. We hope all of you can make it out! There is no need to bring anything unless you are wanting something specific. We will provide food and beer! It’s always a good time when we get together so don’t skip out on us. Check out the Facebook event for more details.


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Workout of the Day

3 Sets:

15-20”/s SL L Sit 

30” Amrap Hollow Flutter Kicks 

45”Chinese Plank 

3 Sets:

15-20” side Standing Banded Knee Raise

12/s Pallof Split Squat 

20” Straight leg bulls eye circle 

3 Sets:

30-45” Ring FLR w/ external rotation

1 Minute AMRAP  Hanging Knee Raise

*Knees touching, Toes pointed together with  heels turned out. Aim max height.