Podcast: Finding Mastery Featuring Rich Froning


In This Episode:

  • Always loving sports and learning to love competition growing up with a big family
  • Why his competitive fueled him to be great at Cross Fit but hurt his relationships
  • The cost of wanting to be “The Best” vs “His Best”
  • What his standard training regimen consisted of
  • The arc of his growth up to competing in the CrossFit games
  • The people that were most influential in shaping who he’s become
  • How he gets in his own way: dealing with the concept of balance
  • The trap he walked into when he wanted to be the best to prove his worth to others
  • The athlete he admires most: Barry Sanders and the common question they both get from fans
  • What drove him to go to such crazy lengths to win / why he absolutely can’t stand losing
  • His strategy for tackling big challenges
  • His dad’s method for teaching him which he found to be effective
  • How he thinks about failure
  • What he hopes the next generation gets right… it starts with figuring out who you are



Workout of the Day

Every 3:00 X 6 (18:00)

Unbroken complex:

3 Cleans

2 Front squats

1 Jerks

*increase weight each round

(Heaviest successful complex recorded)