To The Gum Chewer


Dearest Gum Chewer, 

We hope you’re having a wonderful day. Sadly, we’re not. Today we found your brutally chewed, flavorless gum sitting next to our bathroom sink. At first, we thought our eyes were playing tricks on us but no, there it was, staring back at us. In utter disbelief that someone would pass up the garbage can and opt for our BRAND NEW counter tops as the final resting place for their gum, we walked outside to get some fresh air.  With our head down in shame, we took a few steps out our front door only to find MORE GUM! We gasped in disbelief, “This can’t be happening! They love the new space! They’re proud to call it home!” The earth sped up and the dizziness brought us to our knees. As we lay one the beautiful side walk lined with the earthiest green box woods you’ve ever seen, something catches our eye. It’s bright yellow and small. Surely it’s not a rock. As we crawl towards the glowing object, too hurt to stand on our own two feet, we realize quickly what we're looking at. MORE. DANG. GUM. 

At this point, you've passed at least 3 garbage cans that would gladly accept your wadded gum. Gum chewer, we only ask one thing of you and that's to keep your gum in your mouth or in the trash can. Please abide by these rules and remember this:



Geaux CrossFit: The House of Hard Work and Clean Adults



30 Power Cleans for time (185/130) 


Every 2:30 x 10:

3 touch and go Power Clean and Jerk