Drink Up


We're always telling you to stay hydrated but here are a few tips and myths debunked to further your knowledge:

1. Your pee shouldn't always be clear. This would actually mean you are over hydrated which can be equally as dangerous. Your pee should be slightly yellow.

2.Just because you are thirsty, doesn't mean you are severely dehydrated. You are simply thirsty so drink some water. If your lips become super dry, that's a different story. This means you have been ignoring your thirst. Pay attention!

3. You do not need to drink sugary sports drinks to replace electrolytes. You would actually do much better eating a small meal including carbs with water to get everything you need. A little sodium after your workout is a good thing. 

4. You can actually drink too much water.  Only drink when you feel thirst. Keep it simple.

This info was in the CrossFit Journal. If you like to nerd out and read credible information- get a subscription! It's only $25 for the year and is loaded with great content!



Workout of the Day

"Double Grace"

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60 Clean and Jerks (135/95)