Tips For The "Beast For A Day"


Here are a few things to consider for this weekend if you are participating in the “Beast For A Day” event:

  1. Bug Spray

  2. 3-4 Pairs of socks

  3. Camel Pack with water

  4. Body glide to prevent chafing

  5. Food that you know is ok on your stomach but easy to eat quickly (Trail mix, PB&J, Candy, banana) Avoid anything that will make you feel full.

  6. Extra pair of clothes for post race

  7. Beach towel

  8. Grocery bag for wet clothes

  9. TRAIL SHOES. YOU NEED GRIPS! It’s going to be muddy by the looks of the weather.

  10. Sunscreen.

Workout of the Day

A.) Front Rack Lunge 4 x 4-6 (heavier)

B.) 3 Rounds:

4 Front Squats (225/160)


Rest 2 Minutes

*Exit at water fountain, enter through glass door