The Weekend Crash


Did you feel tired, sluggish and heavy on Monday morning? Could it be your weekend habits starting your week off in a funk?

Pay close attention to your actions this weekend. Do you eat and drink whatever and however much you want?

Do you find yourself spending a little too much time on Netflix? If you finished an entire season of a show in a day or 2 then the answer is yes. We’re all guilty of this one.

Don’t let 2 days of bad decisions ruin 5 days of hard work.

Try spending 20 minutes a day moving. Go for a walk, swim, come to the gym. Do something.

Also rather than abandoning all food morals, try a new healthy recipe or order a healthy meal from a local restaurant.

Last 2 things:

Don’t binge drink. Stop once you get a buzz and drink water for a while.

Try to maintain sleeping patterns if possible. If you always go to bed at 9, try to get to bed within 2 hours of that time. Switching from early bird to night owl off and on makes it hard for the body to get back into routine for Monday.


Workout of the Day

3 minute AMRAP at each station followed by 3 Minute Rest:

Push Ups

Sit Ups

Strict Pull Ups