The Big Picture


There is a lot of truth in the message below and for some of us it might not be easy to hear because it makes us feel overwhelmed.

It’s difficult to think that if we want to achieve a goal, all areas of our life have to be in focus as well. We often talk about habit change because ultimately if there is a time stamp on the goal, then what happens when you are there? How do you maintain the goal? Discipline. How do you practice discipline? Habitual behavior.

If you want the performance goals, or the lean body, does this mean you say no to everything? You turn down invites? You avoid mingling with co workers in the break room? If you constantly avoid situations, are you truly improving your quality of life or are you living less?

Focus on treating people right, building sound foundations with the those around you without compromising your own goals and beliefs. Be present and mindful and work on improving all areas of your life. Once we begin to shape the entire picture, we’ll notice that our goals have been in focus all along and the journey to success has been a far more enjoyable fun ride.

Consistency. Commitment. Humility. Hunger to learn. Discipline in the face of temptation. Unshaken work ethic. Appreciation for adversity. Patience. Patience with the process.

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🤳🏼 @heatherkbergeron: Everyone wants the prize, whatever that prize may be: the six pack abs, the rock-solid-hot-&-steamy long-term relationship with their partner, the long life free of disease, the kids that genuinely love spending time with you, the gap between their inner thighs accompanied by the rock hard ass that doesn’t jiggle when someone smacks it, and the 6 minute mile instead of the 8 or 9 minute mile that they’ve had since they stopped playing competitive sports. - But the “prize” isn’t rewarded to those that who aren’t willing to demonstrate the often painfully challenging personality traits of consistency, commitment, humility, a hunger to learn, discipline in the face of temptation, unshaken work ethic, appreciation for adversity, and patience. Most importantly, patience with the process. - Everything you do, every decision you make, and every thought you allow to reside in your head all contribute to your ability to move forward the road to your prize. - Your commitment to your squat program affects the quality of your relationship with your spouse. You showing up for every one of your step child’s home lacrosse games gets you closer to your 1 mile run PR. Your openness to coaching and criticism affects your ability to eliminate sugar from your diet for 3 months. It’s all related, even though it doesn’t seem so on the surface. You can’t get away with compartmentalizing prizes and goals in your life for very long before you realize that you will continue to hit walls until you’re willing to develop the whole person, and not just one part of the person. It all contributes to your underground root system. _ #CompTrain #Earned 📷: @jordansamuelphoto

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Workout of the Day

A.) EMOM x 8

O- 12 alternating reverse lunge (50/35/H)

E- 12 Burpees

rest 2 mins

B.) EMOM x 8

O- 8 DB Box step-over (50/35/H) (35/20)

E- 12 KBS (70/53) (53/35)

rest 2 mins

C.) EMOM x 8

O- 10 BJO 30” (scale height)

E- 12 Cal Row (10/8)