On The Fence About The Open?



Are you on the fence about doing the 2019 CrossFit Open? Not enough time to concentrate on it? Don’t like the pressure? Nursing a nagging injury or are you just stubborn and don’t want to do it?

No matter what… this year it’s up to you. Well, it’s always up to you but in the previous years I have begged and pleaded and pressured many of you into signing up and for the most part you’ve never regretted it. Instead, you showed up. You went a little harder than usual. You cheered for people you hardly know. You stayed consistent in the gym for a solid 5 weeks. You worked on skills before and after class. You repeated workouts because you knew you could get a better score. You exceeded your expectations and had goals to look forward to reaching. Hell, I watched Johnny repeat 17.1 for a solid year until he finally made the time cap.

Do I think you should do it for all of the above reasons? You already know the answer to that but it’s up to you!

I personally want you to feel the pressure. I want you to surprise yourself. I want you to want more out of your body. Do you need the Open for that? No. Do you need to sign up for a 5k race to go run? No, but raise your hand if you’ve signed up for a fun run or race on your weekend. This is no different.

I am doing the Open. It will not be my best finish but i’m going to do it anyway because I love to suffer with my friends. I also love being a part of a community, world wide, that loves fitness just as much as I do. That experience is worth so much more to me.

So friends, I invite you to suffer with me every Friday starting next week whether you sign up or not. It’s going to be a blast :).

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 2.43.41 PM.png

Workout of the Day  

For Time:


-Sit Ups

-Air Squats

*Run 1 lap after each round