What is Individualized Programming?


You may have noticed several members around the gym doing additional work before and after the class. These members, for the most part, take advantage of individual programming!

They pay an additional fee every month to have a program developed specifically for them and their goals. 5 day a week training cost $100 and 2x a week training cost $50. this training is to be done in addition to the class on most days.

Who benefits from Indi programming? Any and everyone! You do not have to be competitive in CrossFit to take advantage of this option. Want your first strict pull up? Run a 5k? Get a muscle up? Improve your deadlift? There is no goal that individual programming can’t help with!

If you think this is something you may be interested in, please email Coach El at El@brutestrengthtraining.com

2019 is right around the corner! It’s time to set goals and crush them!


Workout of the Day

A.) Plank Circuit

:30 sec of each

Chinese plank (on floor)

Left side plank

Center plank

Right side plank

Rest, X 4 Sets

B.) 2 min ON/ 2 min OFF x 5 Sets

20/18 cal row

Max Strict Toes to Bar