Shoe In Review: The Altra HIIT XT 2


Over the past 9 years, I’ve tried numerous shoes for CrossFit and most times I have been let down. I personally have wide feet so many of the shoes were far to narrow for me to wear. As I got older, this become more of an issue as I picked up running as an additional hobby.

Recently, I was given a pair of Altra’s that were specifically designed for cross training. Altra is known for their trademark Foot shape toe box that is designed so your toes can space out. They also have a fully cushioned zero drop. The gives you the feel of standing barefoot but with the protection of a shoe.

Upon first glance, I wasn’t a fan of the look because previously I was wearing Nike Metcons and NOBULL training shoes which are known for looking a little more stylish. As soon as I slipped my feet into the shoes, I quickly forgot about style because my feet were in heaven. I literally felt my toes celebrate as they nestled into their new home.

Other shoes made my feet HURT! Sometimes I coach from 5am to 6pm with my own running or training during off hours. This would leave me with cramping arches and fatigued legs. Since wearing the Altra’s, I no longer experience this during my long days. My feet actually feel stronger and I can feel myself pushing off my big toe when I walk which is nice.

I’ve done all CrossFit movements, including rope climbs, and they have felt great and durable. I do not recommend these for running, especially if you are not used to a zero drop shoe. However, if you condition your foot over time, short runs (less than 2 miles) would be fine in these shoes. They are very stiff at first, but break in over time.

Overall, my review is buy them if you’re not satisfied with your current training shoe. To all my wide feet people, this shoe is a game changer and I would look to this brand for all of your training needs.

Your feet are important. Treat them right and strengthen them! Don’t get caught up in what’s cute and turn your feet into a triangle. As I have learned from Adair at Delta Physical Therapy (next door), most of our problems start with out feet. I highly recommend sitting down with Kristen and Adair and let them give you an analysis.


Workout of the Day

30 Minute AMRAP alternating movement with a partner:

-20 Wall Balls (20/14)

-10 Burpees

-20 RKBS (44/26)

-10 Toes to Bar

-Run 1 Lap

P1 performs 20 wall balls, partner 2 does burpees, partner 1 does rkbs, and so on….