Running Program Release


Click the link below to download our training template. This is a 3x per week running program. We suggest following a schedule such as Tuesday/Thursday/ Sunday or Saturday but work it out as you see fit.  You do not need to replace CrossFit with these runs days. They can be done in addition to the class WOD.  Scale as needed. At the bottom of the template, you will see a quick summary of some of the terminology used. 

Please do the best you can with the training. You do not have to be perfect. Just stay consistent!!!!We officially kick off Monday September 10th. 

I will post a sign up sheet to see who is committed to completing this race with us! 

GCF Half Marathon Training Template

Workout of the Day


60% x 8

70% x 6

80% x 4

90% x 2


Tabata (alternate between movements)

-Deadlift (135/95)



Power Snatch: 3×3,3×2,3×1. Light and Snappy

Power Clean + Push Jerk: (3+3) x 2, (2+2) x 2, (1+1)x3

Snatch Deadlift: 3×3 @ 90% of best snatch