Runners, Are you There?


To all of our runners, are you hanging in there?

We understand that these first 5 weeks have been boring but they are necessary to prepare our body for the speed work ahead in week 8. The weather hasn’t been the best, but we can assure you that enduring the hotter weather will have you running faster when it cools down.

A tip when approaching your run is to start slow and drop pace each mile. Many of you are probably starting out fast and ending slower.


Mile 1- 10:00

Mile 2- 9:25

Mile 3- 9:16

Mile 4- 9:05

You’ll notice that speed work always starts with a 10 minute buy in and a 10 minute cool down (generally).

We suggest allowing yourself to cool down for at least 5 minutes after your run. I usually have my run stop around 5 minutes before getting back to my house or car. Once I stop running, I turn off my music and walk briskly back to my starting point. I use that time to reflect on my run (how I felt, when it felt good, when it felt bad, etc).

If you’d like some accountability, add me on the Runkeeper app. Type in in the search box and I should pop up!


Workout of the Day

A.)Bench Press 3x3 climbing

B.) For Time:

75 KB swings (62/44)

75 Burpees


A.)Snatch deadlift to mid knee + snatch (2+1)x 5 sets

B.)Clean deadlift to mid knee + clean + jerk : (1+1+1)x 4