Runners Advice


Runners! Today is your last day for CrossFit classes.  If you’d like to come to the gym on Thursday and Friday, do light rowing followed by mobility. Don’t forget to pick up your packets either Friday or Saturday at the Expo.

Roll the arches of your feet with a lacrosse ball.  Make it hurt! Spend about 5 minutes on each foot. 

Next, take the lacrosse ball and hit your outer hip on both sides and the top of your quad.  

Finish with rolling out your calves.


It’s going to be cold but make sure not to over dress. If you have friends along the route you can shed layers and throw to them. Otherwise, you may want to go to Walmart or Goodwill and purchase something cheap that you don’t mind losing. They pick up the clothes after the race and donate them so it still goes to a good cause. A simple rule to follow is add 20 degrees to the current temperature and dress for that. You’ll be cold at the start, but you’ll warm up quickly! 

Running for 2 hours means a lot of rubbing. You’ll need to use body glide or aquafore to make sure all those places are lubed up. Guys- protect those nipples! Lol. Bandaids are a good option. Girls- don’t forget to get under your bra straps. TRUST ME.  If it moves, grease it up.

Post race, you’ll need to get warm so bring an extra pair of socks and something to bundle up with.  


Now is not the time to experiment with your diet. Stick with what you know. On Friday and Saturday, you can add some extra carbs into your day but nothing crazy. Keep it simple and stay away from dairy and rich sauces. You’re going to burn about 900-1,300 calories so you don’t need to eat a major surplus.

On race day, I personally wake up 3 hours before it’s time to go. This gives me time to eat a light breakfast, enjoy some coffee, and settle my stomach. It also gives me plenty of time to make sure I have every thing I need.  There will be aid stations along the route passing out water and Powerade. If you haven’t experimented with any supplements, go for Powerade to give yourself a little sugar boost. If you are going supps, then you’ll need to take one around 35-40 minutes in.

Remeber, you have trained for this and you are ready! There is nothing you can do at this point to prepare more so just calm your nerves and enjoy the ride. You will encounter mental and physical hurdles along the route but just remember- when it hurts the most, you are still only at 40% of your potential. The mind will say quit before the body, so focus your energy on telling yourself to shut up and push! You will cross that finish line stronger than you’ve ever been with experience that will spill over into other areas of your life. I’m proud of us, y’all! LET’S GET SOME! 


Workout of the Day  

30 minute AMRAP

-10 KB swings (70/53)

-15 Box Jump Step Down (24/20)

-20 Wallballs (20/14)

Rest 1 Minute