Heal Your Gut


Did you know there are over 1,000 different species of living bacteria in your gut right now? Don't freak out. These guys are our friends and are unique to each individual. They help with:

  • Digestion of foods that the stomach and small intestine could not handle

  • Helps produce vitamin B and K which help with things like mood, memory, healthy bones and tissues, and helps the body blood cot open wounds.

  • It helps build immunity and provides a barrier against unwanted "bugs"

Here are a few tips to improve your gut health!

  • Cut out sugar and processed foods

  • Eat more plants and dietary fiber

  • Limit Antibiotics

  • Take Probiotics

  • Try fermented foods often

  • Lower stress by working out and sweating

  • Get consistent sleep

  • Reduce meat consumption, specifically red meat


Workout of the Day

16 Minute AMRAP

M1- Air Squats

M2- Push Ups

M3 Sit Ups

M4 Rest