Rope Climbs- Bring Tall Socks!


We’re going to start incorporating rope climbs into our accessory work so we can get more people climbing efficiently! This means you need to protect your shins!

Although we are going to be working on the skill, rope climbs do require pulling and grip strength. If you are still working on developing your pull ups, don’t worry. We will continue to build your strength. Don’t be discouraged, just keep putting in the work and focus on what you are trying to accomplish!


Workout of the Day

A.) 3 Sets:

-1-3 Rope Climbs or 3-5 Strict Chin Ups/Ring Row

-15 Side lying External Rotation

B.) 15 Minutes for Quality:

-30” Right Side Plank

-30” left side Plank

-10 Alt. DKBFR Lunge to Stand

10 V Up w/ Med-ball Transfer