Results Rolling In


The results are rolling in and we are impressed with the progress so many of you made. We had multiple members lose double digits in weight but the biggest take away that I’m noticing is the realization that eating healthy is not as hard as you thought it would be! Many of you who participated in the intermediate category said that it was easy to eat the fruits and veggies by the end of the challenge. Food prep also became less of a burden and more of feel good moment for many of you due to the control it gave you. THAT’S MAJOR. When we stop looking at chores as if they are work, we’ve seriously made big changes in our habits.

Moving forward, we’ve been asked to keep you accountable and also to another challenge at the beginning of the year. We’ll think of better ways to log and stay communicated with you through the process.

As always, we’re looking to improve our systems so we can be of better service to you. When you joined our gym, we promised more than a good work out and that’s a promise we intend to keep.


A.) Ring Muscle Up Skill work 

  • ADV/INT GROUP (Has strict Pull + Ring Dip)

  • Position 1 x 10

  • Position 2 x 10

  • Position 3 x 10

  • 5 x P1+P2+P3

Beginner/ Strength Focus:

  • 3 sets:

    • Pull Up Negative 1.1.1

    • Bench/Box Dip  3-5 reps

      • *Foot support for additional scale. Tempo reps. 

B.) “Elizabeth”


Power Cleans (135/95)

Ring Dip 

 8 minute time cap 


Build to a heavy clean for the day

5 x 3 CLEAN Shrugs @110% of best lift