Listen, Learn, Apply


I’ve been listening to a podcast on the Iron Cowboy’s story and this quote was mentioned during a particular part of the podcast and it gave me all the chills. His story is truly incredible and there are a lot of take aways from his message. We don’t suggest these books, documentaries, and podcast because we think you need to go out and set drastic goals. We want you to read between the lines and see how their triumphs are applicable to your struggles and goals. They did the hard work and soul searching to show you how powerful the mind and body is. Find your strength through their journey and persevere. We are all capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to be.


Below is the podcast. There’s a lot of profanity in the beginning but it’s a good listen.

Workout of the Day

A.) 3 Sets:

4-7 Ring Dip or Deficit Push Up

6/s ½ TGU *Reset After hip bridge

B.) For Time:


Push Press (115/75)

80 Doubles after each set


3 Position Squat Clean x 5 sets  (Mid Thigh, Below The knee, Floor)

1 Power Clean + 3 Push Press x 5 (Climb)