Deadlift Day, Our Favorite!


Many people are intimated by deadlifts due to their reputation for "hurting" the back. In reality, deadlifts are the most beneficial movement you can do! This simple movement has the greatest impact on functional movement of them all. Did you bend over at all today? Did you pick up something off the ground? Chances are, you are nodding your head yes. 

The deadlift develops your posterior chain. This includes your hamstrings, glutes, adductors, and erectors. Developing these muscles will significantly improve your posture which is crucial with age! This also creates a cushion against injury due to its ability to develop your core strength. 

This movement also helps with testosterone and growth hormone production allowing you to increase your muscle mass in a natural, healthy manner. Ladies, this does not mean you will get bulky. It simply means you will increase your lean muscle mass, giving you the ability to burn fat effectively!

We hope you're as excited as we are about developing your deadlift! What we do today, decides how we live tomorrow.


Workout of the Day
A.)Deadlift 3 x 1 Across 

B.) 3 Sets:

2 Minute AMRAP 

-20 Russian KBS (70/53)

Amrap cal Row 

Rest 4