Power Running At Delta Physical Therapy


Do you wish you were better at running? Do nagging injuries like shin splits, hip pain and knee pain keep you from reaching your goals? If so, this Power Running class may be the thing you are looking for! This is also for the person who simply wants to run faster and be more efficient! Dr. Kasey Hill and his team have helped many people hit unthinkable PRs. In addition, they have helped many enter the sport of running with good technique allowing them to remain injury free. Running is way more than one foot in front of the other and they can teach you the right way!

Although this class is geared toward improving your running, it will also improve your over all health and wellness by exposing imbalances from the feet up. We’ve all got issues and this class has the potential to improve more than a few.

Power Running is based on tons of research showing that a more stable runner is less likely to get injured, and the runner who can put more force into the ground will run faster!

Rate of Force Development = Power & Power = Crushing PR’s!

Over 3 months you will steadily progress from core and hip stability work to developing strength & power.  You will also have weekly lessons on biomechanics, stretching, & foam rolling. After the Intro class, you can join the advanced class to keep building and learn more exercises to further your running potential.

The class will be held every Thursday at 6pm starting 2/21.

For pricing and more information, please email khill176@gmail.com


Workout of the Day

Shoulder Press 3x5

7 Minute AMRAP:

10 DB Snatch (50/35)

3 Bar Muscle Ups


1 rep max power snatch  

Max UB Power Snacth @ 40%  

rest 5 minutes  

x 3