Post Open Reflection


We're feeling extremely proud of the progress each of you made from last year's open. After we closed out the 2017 open we realized we needed to strengthen our backs and it showed this year! We're going to continue that focus of course, but 2018 opened our eyes to new opportunities! 

This year, we're going to get stronger in our lifts, but focus our efforts towards skills, strict pull ups, and strict HSPU.  As always, we strive to give you the best training experience and each year the CrossFit Open helps us do that. This year was a crazy ride due to our big move but we are counting down the days till next year when we can bring back our Friday night HYPE NIGHTS!

We can't wait to take you on this journey and level up your fitness! Get ready for a fun ride! 


Workout of The Day

For time:

Walking Lunges (Parking lot- down and back)



Double unders

Sit ups 

Walking lunges (Parking lot- down and back)