Pick Up Your Hoodie


Your pre-ordered hoodie is available for pick up! The cost is $50. Please bring in cash or check. If you wish to charge it to your account, there will be a $3 service charge.  

Hoodie pick up is due by Friday. If you are unable to pick yours up, please email us and we will set it aside for you. Otherwise, the extra hoodies will be up for grabs next week!!!



Workout of the Day

A.) EMOM x 4

M1: 15-20 left side plank thread the needle

M2: 15-20 right side plank thread the needle

M3: 20-30 sec dead hang on bar (legs in L shape is encouraged)

B.) Team of 2

For time:

20 Rope climbs

4,000m Row

Partner 1 -1 rope climb

Partner 2 -200m  row

*switch every 200 meters