Don’t Bail! Scale.


Sometimes doing less is more. Scaling a movement back in reps or skill will allow you to attack the workout without holding back. If you find that you lack endurance in our workouts, try scaling more often to increase the intensity of your workouts. Even if you are a “Rx” athlete, you can benefit from modifying workouts.

Sometimes you need the scaling for mental purposes. Have you ever approached a workout exhausted so your efforts lacked? What if you "watered" down the workout to where you could move with fluidity without having to think so much? You'd finish the workout with a great sweat and wouldn't feel defeated. Knowing that you can take it easy will also keep you from dreading the gym or skipping all together. We’re here to live a fit, healthy life and that looks different for every single one of us. 


Workout of the Day

7 rounds: 

1 lap

7 Chest to Bar  

7 Push Press  (135/95)

7 KBS (53/35)