It's crazy to think it's been 17 years since we were attacked on American soil. Although the pain and fear has dulled with each passing year, the memory of that tragic day rings in our minds. No matter what age you were when it happened, it is our duty to preserve the memory of those who sacrificed their lives both willingly and unknowingly. 

It is up to us to ensure that generations to come know what happened on September 11th so that  we continuously work to prevent these horrible events from happening again. 




Workout of the Day

Dynamic Bar Training

A.) 10-15x complete the following complex

Arch/hollow -> arch/pull down -> kipping pull up -> butterfly pull up

B.) 5-10x complete the following complexArch/hollow -> arch/pull down -> kipping CTB pull up -> butterfly’s was the CTB pull up* The key here is to focus on the action of pulling down on the bar before pulling in. If you can’t do the pull up or the butterfly then just practice the pull down.

C.) For Time

(30/20) Muscle Ups 

*20 Double on the minute