Nutrition Challenge Release



Below you will find 3 sections of our nutrition challenge. Please read through and select the one that feels most realistic to you. We’ve listed some characteristics of each level to help you pick:


-Little to no thought on what they are going to eat

-Eats out often

-Does not cook 

-Lack of knowledge on which foods are healthy


-Has some awareness for healthy foods and incorporates them into diet

-Cooks meals. Sometimes prepares for work.

-Still eats out often

-Off and on with healthy living “yo-yo”


-Cooks often. Meal preps.

-Makes healthy decisions when out to eat

-Currently measures food or is open to the challenge

-Is very aware of healthy foods and makes a strong effort to be healthy most of the time

Once you have made your pick, please read through the rules and guidelines thoroughly. Our official start date is August 5th!

Beginners will find a link listed in the document above for group me.

For intermediate and advanced groups, you will need a gmail account to participate. Please go ahead and make yours now.

Advanced participants please email:

intermediate participants email:

Workout of the Day

A.) 3 Sets:

12/s Single Leg KB Swap 

30”/s  Star Plank

B.) 3 Sets:

2:00 Minute AMRAP 

Run 1 lap 

AMRAP Deadlift (135/95)

Rest 4