Nutrition Challenge


This week, we challenge you to log all of your food in a calorie counting app. A great app to use is My Fitness Pal.

Why do we want you to do this? It’s simple: to see how many calories you are roughly consuming in a day.

If you’re looking to improve your health, this is a great place to start. This will force you to look at what you are eating. Sometimes we think we are being healthy but can’t understand why we’re not seeing progress. This will help. If you’re consuming too many calories, the scale won’t go down.

It’s also going to show you that healthy, unprocessed foods, are going to be the most beneficial foods to eat when trying to keep calories in a manageable range.

My Fitness Pal will help set up your caloric intake for the day by asking a few questions. Answer honestly and if you are unsure, see a coach and we can help!

Workout of the Day

A.) Strict Press: Build to a heavy Set of 5 (30x1)

B.) “Strict Elizabeth”

For Time:


Power Clean (135/95)

Strict Ring Dips