Handstands? Ain't Skurd.


Today's skill work might have some of you running for the hills, but don't sweat it. If you're not ready or simply do not want to be inverted, we have an alternate workout for you. 

We challenge you to always show up for the things you're not great at. Overcoming hurdles will make you mo' betta' at your strengths and bridge the gap to your weaknesses.

Remember the reason we come to the gym every day is to be healthy. Learning new things is a part of that equation.


Workout of the Day

A.)Handstand Skill Work:

Standing Weight transfers

30 reps – ¼

20 reps – ½

15 reps – to full handstand

B.) 3:00 – max double unders

Rest 3:00

2:00 – max double unders

Rest 2:00

1:00 – max double unders

C.) Core finisher