Friday Feels


Dan Krogstad downed a fifth of whiskey and contemplated driving into the front of a semi truck. But he didn’t, and his life turned around when he found CrossFit. Growing up as a fourth-generation farmer with a history of depression in his family, Krogstad received over 30 electro-convulsive treatments for depression between 19 and 37. After Krogstad lost his father, food, alcohol and medication became coping mechanisms. Karla Wolford, head coach and owner of EHP CrossFit, remembers the first day Krogstad walked into her gym. She recalls that he was dark, desperate and nervous but not without a little hope. Seeing the desperation in his eyes, Wolford told Krogstad exactly what he needed to do. His response: “OK. Whatever you say, I’ll do it. I’ve done everything else. I’ve tried everything else. I’ve just not tried (CrossFit).” Wolford says: “Research studies show that physical activity and proper nutrition are going to stimulate your brain in similar ways as, like, an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety med or an ADHD med. And exercise and nutrition (are) the least-prescribed medication in all of America.” For Krogstad, food and fitness worked wonders. “Within eight months, I went from 260 pounds down to 195,” he says, smiling. A year ago, Krogstad was on three antidepressant medications along with medications for anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Today, Krogstad takes only the antidepressant. A tattoo on Krogstad’s left arm shares the 41-year-old’s new credo: “Better today than yesterday. Better tomorrow than today.” The CrossFit Journal -- (

Workout of the Day

A.) Max unbroken pushups with constant motion

B.) For Time:

Run 2 laps

1 lap walking lunges

Run 2 laps