Perks of Making Your Own Meals


1. It saves money. When you go to a restaurant, you are paying for more than just your meal. You are paying for the cost it takes to run that business.  If you can make 4-6 meals for 25 dollars or less, you are already cutting your spending in half at a minimum. 

2. It saves time. When you prepare your meals in bulk, you get to relax for a few days during the week. A few hours on a Sunday, and give you back at least 5+ hours in your week. 

3. Healthier Ingredients.  You get to control exactly what's on your plate. 

4. Portion control. You're making the plate so you know what's "enough".

5. Consistency. Because your meals are already ready for you to grab, it makes you less likely to make bad decisions due to bad schedule, mood,  or other factors you may personally experience. 

Workout of the Day

25min AMRAP with a Partner

10 cal row

5 push ups

(add 1 pushup every round)

*Follow the leader