Now, Not Later


I was listening to a pod cast the other day and the guy said something simple that resonated with me. 

"If you know something is going to change your life and help you live better, then why do you put off making your life better? That makes no sense."

He's so right. We all need to stop sitting on the fence waiting for the right time and just do what needs to be done RIGHT NOW. This applies to EVERYTHING. Finances. Relationships. Opportunities. Food. Training. You name it. 

Stop being scared and just jump into whatever change you need to get healthier mentally and physically. Rid yourself of toxic food, habits, and relationships. 

If we're talking specifically about food and health. Stop pushing back your start date. Food is emotional. It's addicting and that's what makes it hard to quit or change. The first step to solving that issue is to recognize it. Once you do that, it's time to start talking to yourself. That's right. You need to have a conversation with yourself. When you start craving the things that make you feel good in the moment but bad later, talk yourself out of it. Don't give in. The more you practice this habit, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the stronger your "WHY" becomes. The stronger the "WHY" becomes, the stronger you become!

This is how we change our lives. Stop being a prisoner of fear and have the courage to stand up for yourself, against yourself. Ultimately, it's the only thing holding you back. 


Workout of the Day

17 Minute AMRAP

( 6/4) Ring MU

10 Hang DB Clean and Jerk (5/5)

15 Wall Balls (20/14)

OLY Class

Split Jerk 5-3-2-1 (Climbing)