YO! Fix Your Feet


Chances are, if you’re not experiencing pain in your feet, you’re not giving them much attention.  What if that nagging back or hip problem is actually a problem with your feet? Modern footwear’s focus is about fashion more than it is function and more physical therapist are starting to speak up about this issue.

About a year ago, I started having arch pain that eventually turned into my calf muscles hurting, which then led to my hips. After spending time with Adair, who works at Delta Physical Therapy, she showed me a few exercises to do with my feet,  TOE YOGA being one of them. This opened my eyes to a much bigger issue and since implementing several exercises, I can say that I notice a HUGE difference. For a while, I thought running would be something I had to give up, and now I’m crushing goals and running for fun.

One of my biggest lessons learned is to buy shoes for my feet. I will no longer buy training shoes based on how cool they look. I highly recommend seeking shoes like ALTRA who specialize in the human foot and give ample room in the toe box so your toes can spread out. I also highly recommend purchasing toe spacers. Correct Toes is my brand of choice since you can train with them. They are the only brand approved for weight baring activity. 

If you have any questions, find me in the gym and let’s chat! You can also walk over to Delta and make an appointment to get your feet assessed!

Check out the negative side effects of ill fitting shoes:

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 1.12.19 PM.png

Workout of the Day  

A.)Deadlift: Build to a heavy set of 5

B.) For Time:

1 minute Plank

20 V Ups

1 minute Hollow

20 Toes to Bar

1 Minute Tuck Hold (Floor)

20 Tuck Crunches

1 Minute Plank

20 Ring Mountain Climbers


5 x 1.1.1 Power Clean  (Build) 

 5x3 Hang Squat Clean (build)