Heat Advisory: Be Smart!


We’re reaching record temps this week so it’s important to be smart about your outdoor time. If you want to get in a run, be sure to wake up before the sun and do it during the early morning hours. If that’s not an option, wait until the sun goes down. Biking and Rowing indoors is also a great option until it cools down. The same advice goes for yard work too.

Be sure to wear sunscreen and drink water throughout the day. If you feel yourself getting over heated, get indoors and cool off. Heat stroke/ exhaustion is no joke!


Workout of the Day

A.) 12 Minutes:

M1- 20” ISO banded Fire Hydrant 

M2- 12- 15 BB Glute Bridge 

M3- 3-6 Strict Pull Ups (1-3 Jumping negatives)

M4- 20” Max effort row sprint

B.) Deadlift 5 x 1 Across