Louisiana Half Marathon: Are You In?


Are you interested in joining our GCF fam for a half marathon in January? Training officially starts in September! The running work will be posted at the beginning of each week. 

In august, we need you to work up to a 3 mile run without walking.  It doesn't have to be fast, it just needs to be steady. You have plenty of time to get there so don't worry! 

Our running program was designed by our very own, PJ Tavernit! Thanks PJ!  As our mileage builds, we will plan group runs. We will also educate on fueling your runs and the dos and don'ts of endurance! 

We want this year to have 20+ participants. Let's do this! 



Workout of the Day

A.) EMOM X 5 (10:00)

M1: 20-40sec Wall sit

M2: 20-40sec Handstand on wall

B.) For time:


Alt. DB Clean and Jerk (50/35)

Box Jump Overs


Muscle Clean + Strict Press: (3+5) x 3

Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk (1+1+1) x 5. Work up to a heavy single for the day

Clean Pull: 3×3 @100%