Adult Gymnastics: It's Good For You


You probably don’t think of our skill sessions as anything other than getting you closer to Rx but truth be told, there are a lot of benefits to learning gymnastics as an adult. Regardless of your capacity to perform the movements, we are improving your mind/body connection. This allows for improved coordination and flexibility which helps lower risk of injury due to clumsy behavior.

Gymnastics also focuses heavily on core strength which helps with EVERYTHING.

So…. although today might not be your favorite, it is 100% necessary.


Workout of the Day

Gymnastics Skill

A.) Part 1

5 rounds 1 minute work: 1 minute rest

2 Hollow Rocks + 1 Gymnastics crunch

B.) Part 2

5-10 arch hollow + arch hollow pull down + arch hollow ½ leg raise + arch hollow ¾ leg raise + TTB

C.) For Time:

12 min amrap


12 push-ups

6 feet elevated ring rows