WATCH: The Unknown & Unknowable


Generally these videos put me in my feels but this one actually had me laughing. I really enjoyed her comparison of CrossFit training to her job as an improv comedian.

I personally feel that CrossFit has empowered me to be a little more outgoing and less shy. We’re constantly being humbled by this sport and some how it transfers over to the oddities of life. Have you felt any positive improvements outside of physical abilities since starting CrossFit? If so, we’d love to hear about them! Catch us in the gym or shoot us an email!

Workout of the Day

2 Rounds For Time with a partner:

500m Row

25 Burpees

400m Row

20  Burpees

300m Row

15  Burpees

200m Row

10  Burpees

100m Row

5  Burpees

*Partner 1 will stay on the rower for the first round while partner 2 does all of the  burpees then once the round is complete, they will switch.