What's a Tabata and Is It Delicious?


It's the exact opposite of delicious unless you're really in to the taste of suffering :). 

The name Tabata comes from Dr. Izumi Tabata himself. Yep, that dude created this hellish style of workout. He wanted to see if athletes would benefit more from interval training over traditional training.

Dr. Tabata took two groups and put them on an exercise program for six weeks. The control group did one hour of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week. The other group did the high-intensity Tabata-style training. That adds up to 1,800 minutes of training for the control group versus 120 minutes of training for the Tabata group over the six-week period. The results speak for themselves. The Tabata group improved both its aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. The anaerobic fitness level increased 28%.

Bring the heat today and give it everything you've got. As you can see above, there are major gains to be earned today. Let's GET SOME!


Workout of the Day 

Tabata (:20on/:10off X 8)

Alt. DB snatches (35/20#)

Hollow Rocks

Rope Pulls (feet off ground-rx)

Plate Jumps (10# plate)

Knees to Elbows

*rest 1 minute between movements


(12:00) Snatch Balance without a dip + Zotts Press (3+3)x 3

(12:00) Snatch Balance: 3,3,2,2,1,1

(12:00) Muscle Snatch: 3×3,2×2,2×1

(20:00) Hang Snatch + Snatch: (1+2) x 3, (1+1)x 3